Acting Classes – Build character by exploring character.

Come to The Center and be yourself!

Build character by exploring character.

Our acting classes will give you a warm, fun, supportive environment in which you can explore Acting technique and method, including speech, movement and individual investment. Using age-appropriate material as you take on various roles, you will begin to understand the importance of character both on the stage and in life as well. As you work toward a performance at the end of each semester, we will guide you in developing the skills and the self-awareness it takes to play your role confidently, no matter what it may be.

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  • Tuition is per 10-week session.
  • Classes are running 3 sessions for a combined 30 weeks.
  • You do not need to be in every session.
  • Classes meet once a week unless otherwise noted.
  • Registration for one session will continue into the next session unless we are otherwise notified.
  • Please add each session to your cart to register up front for all three sessions.

Session I starts September 7th – November 13th

Session II starts November 15th – February 12th 2022

Session III starts February 14th 2022 – April 30th 2022

These classes will culminate in a performance at the end of each session.


Are you ready to act? This approach should help you gain confidence. You make up the character, the lines and action as you go along, without a formal script. This class explores the basics of improvisation. How do you say the most with the least? You will be encouraged to explore personality, physical traits, conflicts and desires, age, and dress, with minimum aids. This class examines how character can be conveyed by voice, posture, and body movement.

Middle School Improv (Ages 10-12)

(See Act Out Improv. This is for middle school students, ages 10-12)

Lights, Camera, Action (Ages 11-13)

Explore acting for the camera in a dynamic setting where you will be both in front of a camera and behind it — and encouraged to take risks. With the help of television and film scripts, you will learn by looking through the lens and exploring camera techniques, acting exercises, blocking and audition material.


There’s no better introduction to the work of an Actor. In this class, you’ll begin to explore and recognize your voice, body, emotions, and creativity as necessary tools for the craft of acting.

CTA Theater Company

As a member of the Theatre Company, you’ll be learning more than the theatre piece you will be preparing for public performance. You’ll also be learning how to rehearse, how to train yourself, and how to respect and collaborate with your fellow Actors and crew. In short, you’ll be learning the skills and responsibilities used by professional Actors in the real world; skills you can apply in a theatrical career. And, since this is CTA, you’ll be learning in a fun, confidence-building ensemble environment that allows you to apply all of your theatre training as well as rehearsal and performance etiquette.