Come to The Center and be yourself!

Our Mission

The Center for Theater Arts is dedicated to offering the highest quality performing arts instruction and committed to providing all students, including those with special needs, opportunities to improve their self-image and self-confidence through artistic expression.

The Center for Theater Arts currently has students who enter our programs with a wide range of training, stretching from a mild curiosity to those that possess natural ability. By offering a curriculum that explores expectation, investment, personal accountability and process, we have an opportunity to ground our students with training, technique, discipline and an experience that will aid them in many aspects of their lives. With an ongoing commitment to best practices in education, we are student centered, focused on exploring multiple avenues to success. Our knowledgeable instructors and staff have a shared commitment and vision as we move into the school year! With a faculty of over 30 degreed instructors and professional arts educators, The Center for Theater Arts is confident that you will find we are dedicated to our students and united by our mission.

Goals of The Center

  • To provide the highest quality of instruction in the performing arts for children and teenagers at various skill levels.
  • To provide the highest quality educational opportunities in dance, acting, and voice for children with disabilities, utilizing other students to assist in these classes.
  • To provide each student with performance opportunities.
  • To offer advice to students and their families with respect to the student’s skill level and potential.
  • To provide information about opportunities in the arts for Center students.