YOU can help a child build their self-confidence and find their voice

Our mission focuses on supporting the development of self-image and self-confidence for all students, including those with special needs.

We are committed to offering affordable programs for children of all ability levels, regardless of their ability to pay. Students who attend CTA are inspired to find their voice and continue to do amazing things at every stage of their development, It’s through this effort that we can change lives and change communities!

2023 Annual Giving Campaign

Help maintain and purchase a costume for productions.
All the worlds a stage.

Subsidize a 10-week class for a student who cannot afford tuition. No child has ever been turned away for their inability to pay.

Benefit our Friday night special actors program.
For over 4 decades we have offered free musical theatre instruction for all participants.

Send a child to CTA Summer Camp. On with the show!

Help offset the cost of producing a life changing production.
It's showtime folks.

For more generous donations, please call and talk with
Billy Hartung at The Center at (412) 563-5080.

Together, we continue to set the stage for success for current and future generations. So, as we ask for your contribution to this year’s Annual Giving Campaign, please know that I am so grateful for your consideration, no matter what type of support is right for you.

Whether on stage, in the wings, or behind the scenes, because of you…we are here!


Billy Hartung and the Center for Theater Arts Board of Directors