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February 28, 2022

 Moving forward 

 We are excited to begin implementing additional changes in our studios as we continue to take small and calculated steps toward re-opening.

Since the beginning, we have made adjustments and implemented multiple strategies to keep our students and teachers safe. We will continue to pay attention to changes and potential challenges regarding covid-19 safety and adjust as needed in the coming year.

CTA UPDATE and Adjustments Moving Forward 

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new guidance for masking related to transmission levels in the community.
  • The CDC has categorized Allegheny County at a low transmission level as of this update.
  • Therefore, per the CDC guidance, the Center for Theater Arts will no longer require masks indoors. However, wearing a mask remains optional for any individual.
  • Respectfully we ask that you understand that some of our CTA faculty and staff may choose to remain masked. We encourage staff and students who prefer to wear a mask to continue to do so.

It remains imperative that no instructors, students, or staff members come to the CTA if they are COVID positive or are feeling unwell for any reason. Please stay home if you are feeling sick.

Thank you for continually entrusting the CTA with your children, rest assured we have taken extensive measures to keep them safe.

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Modifications: Studio/Equipment/Sanitation:

  • CTA has been stripped down and cleaned in its entirety. 5,800 square feet of studio space has been re-explored and re-imagined for our Better Together,Division with Vision The Facility is currently being “deep cleaned” by a cleaning services once a week, and the CTA acquired additional sanitizing materials that will be used after hours to safely disinfect entire studios after each use.
  • Additional “hand sanitizer stations” are located in each studio.

Policies and procedures will continue to be revised as the Covid-19 needs change, including the following:

  • The CTA will operate according to state and local regulations, and best practices as new policies are created, we will adapt our operations to meet these new requirements.
  • The CTA will also consider community transmission rates in determining which activities and instructional strategies are appropriate.
  • Children who are ill may not attend the CTA and must remain at home according to our center policies. Any child who becomes ill at the center will be separated from the other children and must be picked up within one hour.
  • Children should wash hands before drop-off, each time they return to the Studio, after using the restrooms, and as directed by our staff.
  • In the event a parent, child, or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, they will not be permitted into the CTA until cleared by their physician or as directed by our local health agencies.
  • We will continue to adapt to Covid-19 and make additional changes as conditions warrant, and we remain committed to responsible, disciplined and focused strategies as we move forward.