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4 Powerhouse Performances from a cast of CTA students that left the audience wanting more!!!

WOW …The Energy was infectious …Non-Stop Fun from beginning to end.

A Wonderful Show! Thank you so much CTA!

The Leader of the Pack  – a show that had me dancing in my seat from beginning to end!

I loved the Show – So many talented kids! Fabulous Job CTA, As usual!!

The Show was awesome and my daughter had a great time throughout rehearsals and performance. Such a wonderful experience!!  

We are so proud of the cast of Leader of the Pack! You worked so hard, tried new things, took great risks and sang your hearts out!! We hope your child is proud of their accomplishments.

We are confident they enjoyed this rehearsal and performance  process as much as we all did here at the Center.  In fact, I would imagine that some of you can’t get many of the songs out of your head!  Thank you again for the privilege of working with your children, they never cease to amaze us!

Leader of the Pack photo credit: Jacob Malizio


This Jukebox Hit Broadway musical is a retrospective that celebrates the life and times of Ellie Greenwich, whose doo wop sounds skyrocketed to the top of the sixties charts. The story of Ellie’s rise to fame and fortune is punctuated with the virtual Hit Parade of her music: “Chapel of Love,” “Da Do Ron Ron,” “Be My Baby,” “Hanky Panky,” Do Wah Diddy,” “And Then He Kissed Me” and, of course, the title song “Leader of the Pack.”

“A happy, high spirited, foot stomping romp. I never realized the songs of the sixties could sound so good.” – WNBC Radio

“The show dances with that up tempo “wall of sound’ that was part of all our lives.” – Hollywood Reporter